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 Brooks continues to experience resilience despite the downturn, driven by three main sectors; oil and gas, agriculture and retail and service. Once largely dependent on oil and gas development, Brooks and region’s economy has diversified to create a healthy, stable economy.



The agricultural industry is a vital element of the Brooks economy.
· 260,000 acres of irrigated farmland
· 600,000 acres of cultivated dry land farming
· 600,000 acres of native and improved rangeland in the region
The abundance of water from irrigation projects has undoubtedly helped the agricultural economy grow rapidly. A large range of businesses offering goods and services to the agricultural sector are also present in Brooks and the surrounding area, including suppliers of irrigation equipment and machinery.


The Eastern Irrigation District’s (EID) head office is located in Brooks, where the EID manages its intricate system of canals, pipelines and reservoirs to continue the development of land and to further regional economic development.


The agricultural sector is further supported by a number of research and development facilities dedicated to crop improvement and diversification efforts. The most notable of which is the Alberta Crop Diversification Centre-South located 2 km south of Brooks. The centre specializes in research, development and extension services for horticulture and specialty crops. Related to the agricultural sector, is the food processing industry in Brooks. Just outside of Brooks is XL Foods beef processing plant, which is among the largest of its type in North America. Beef and beef products are exported from this plant to retailers and consumers across Canada and beyond. Lakeside is currently Brooks’ largest employer, with approximately 2,500 employees.


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Oil and Gas Development

Oil and gas activity remains a strong foundation of Brooks’ economy. Ongoing service as well as exploration programs throughout southern Alberta and into Saskatchewan provide the economic incentives driving this thriving industry. Many of the major industry players maintain active facilities in Brooks and area.


These companies provide goods and services to both the exploration and the delivery side of the industry including the maintenance and upgrading of existing wells and pipelines. Approximately 200 businesses in Brooks and area are in the oil and gas industry in one form or another, resulting in an industrial concentration that is unique for a community the size of Brooks. As a result millions of dollars in goods, services and payroll are generated by the oil and gas industry that ultimately form an integral part of the Brooks’ economy.

Retail and Service Sector

Brooks operates as the retail and service centre for both the City of Brooks and the surrounding region. Approximately 24,000 live within the Brooks trading area. The growth in population has been paralleled by a growth in the retail and service sector, and new businesses are opening as opportunities arise. As a regional service centre, Brooks has a wide range of urban amenities and services, such as retail services including a number of hotels and motels, restaurants, a recreational facility, representation from all five major banks, and professional, technical and financial services. Brooks operates as a regional service centre, and therefore retail, healthcare and other service activities are a vital source of employment locally.



Brooks, Alberta Top Employers



XL Foods


Hospital (including community health: speech, dental, mental and homecare and ambulance services)


Smith Group


City of Brooks


Eastern Irrigation District


County of Newell


Crop Diversification Centre (research station)



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Employment Services


Minerva Employment & Career Services
1E 333 2nd Street West
Brooks AB 
Phone: 403-362-8793

Minerva Employment provides job search and career planning support to individuals legally entitled to work in Canada. Support is given by professional, informative, caring staff through one to one assistance as well as short but comprehensive workshops.


Alberta Employment & Immigration
200 600 Cassils Road East
Brooks AB T1R 1M6
Phone: 403-362-1278
Jobs Postings, Career Planning, Training Programs,

Unemployment Insurance application


Service Canada
Cassils Shopping Plaza
608 - 2 Street West
Brooks, Alberta
Job Bank, Apprenticeship Incentive Grants,

Social Insurance Number Applications


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