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Brooks Economy Profile

We welcome you to the City of Brooks; home to one of the most exciting regions in Alberta. Along the TransCanada highway, just 2 hours east of Calgary and one hour west of Medicine Hat, Brooks links a crucial east-west corridor.


Building from a strong foundation in energy and agriculture, the region has expanded as leaders in the fields of other sectors including construction, retail and food processing. The local economy has diversified, creating a healthy, stable economy.


Brooks provides an exceptional quality of living, yielded by wage and employment rates that outpace provincial averages. Consistent economic resiliency during recent global economic downturn, Brooks continued to prosper. In 2008 housing prices continued to climb despite the greater continental housing decline, demonstrating stability in the local economy. Brooks enjoys a young, ethnically diverse, and consistently growing population.


Brooks possesses a highly skilled and young labour force. From the areas of manufacturing and construction to health and education, Brooks benefits from an active productive labour market.
The region is home to one of the most profitable agricultural communities in Alberta. Agricultural prosperity can be attributed to being located on the largest area of irrigated land in Canada. In addition to enjoying a healthy agricultural economy, Brooks is located within a burgeoning oil and gas region. 48% of all wells in Alberta and 37% of all wells in Canada are located within the region, employing 4000-5000 local people in the oil and gas sector. Brooks operates as the service and retail center for both the city and the surrounding region – a population base of nearly 25,000 people.


In 2009, Brooks was recognized by Money Sense magazine as the second best place in Canada to work. Based on family incomes and housing prices Brooks ranked exceptionally higher than other cities in Canada. Along with high family incomes and low housing prices, Brooks was complimented by one of the lowest combined tax and utility rates in the province. Brooks offers a broad range of housing suitable for all demographics, ranging from 1st time buyers to executives seeking estate lots.


An attractive business climate is evident by its commitment to economic prosperity through innovation and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Brooks offers a unique experience; a comfortable and friendly community with vast investment and development opportunities.


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